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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped clients brainwash and disconnect from their family in the name of eternity.

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My skills include Renaming & reframing the art of reality. The Church of Scientology is famous globally by celebrities as Lisa McPherson, Charles Manson.

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My portfolio showcases various “Give me your money” projects created throughout my career. But I am a master i hiding the genuine disaster.

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Scientology by L Ron Hubbard from Dianetics the modern Science of mental Healh. Or more correctly the modern science fiction of mental health.

This Volume contains more promises and less evidence per page than has any publication since the invention of printing

Review of “Dianetics” in Scientific American 1951

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Royal Fleet Club
12 Morice Square
Plymouth PL1 4PQ
41 Ebrington St
Plymouth, PL4 9AA

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